Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Busy 24 Hours

I met Eva (who moved to the East Coast), Nancy and Heather at a YUMMY Ethiopian restaurant, Cafe Lalibela, in Tempe last night as she was in town for a wedding.

The company, well, it was wonderful since I haven't seen the ladies in months! I would definitely go back for the food.
On Saturday morning the kids & I met my friend Kristian & her hubby, Andy, at the Buttes Resort for an early morning breakfast before they head back to New Jersey.

With Andy & the kids.
We had a lovely buffet and they made the kids special pancakes.
After breakfast, the kids explored the hotel. It is set up above the freeway so we have seen it many times but never visited it so they could see the overlook.

As with any resort, the grounds were beautiful.
In the afternoon we headed over to a local park so the kids could play in the water. Our pool isn't quite warm enough even though the temperature was 101 F yesterday.
I aslo bought a new vacuum yesterday at Sears since the one we have had for 10+ years died (thank goodness). This was reviewed as one of the best vacuums for the money in Consumer Reports. It even beat the Dyson.

This is what the new vacuum picked up in the living/dining room and the master bedroom yesterday. Um, apparently our old vacuum wasn't working all that well.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


photogmichelle said...

don't ya love getting a new vacuum and seeing what it can pick up. Or maybe, you don't, hahaha.

so where is that water park you went to? I'm trying to up my repertoire of cool places to take the boys this summer.

Wannabe said...

Hey that is one of my very favorite restaurants...and dh and I went to the buffet brunch at the Buttes a few times...YUMMY!

I'm interested too in where that water park is!

You are so lucky you didn't buy a Dyson. Mine lost suction. Harumph.

African Kelli said...

Man I am bummed I missed you guys! Love that restaurant. We'll have to meet there some time!

Birdsong said...

Aahh... a new vacuum! I have gone through so many worn-out-already ones that I can truly appreciate the joy of starting fresh:) I am envious about the Ethiopian food, though.

Theresa said...

Love those pancakes!

JerseyGirl said...

I can't believe breakfast was already a week ago! It was so wonderful seeing you and the kids. As soon as I get my own private jet I'll be able to visit you more often! :)

tocspaw said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! We put laminate floors back into our house, so no new vacuum for me, but I'm already wearing my dust mop out and I haven't even moved back in yet!