Sunday, October 21, 2007


It was a busy day without my winkies who are visiting their Dad this weekend.

I went to a Stitch N Bitch out in Mesa where a yarn company brought in some of their yarns and we all brought food so it was a bit of a potluck/sale/SnB. I am hoping Dad got some good photos and is going to send them to me later today.

I also went to a Silpada jewelry party at Lizette's house. They sell only sterling silver jewelry and it is gorgeous. If anyone is interested in doing buying a pieces, let me know and I could have an online book party. I didn't buy too much, just one really pretty ring. I love rings.

In the evening to a fundraiser for the Children's Action Alliance. Work had purchased a table and I went with my co-worker, Lizette.

Normally at these functions, you never see anyone you know. I got lucky because I got to see Susan & Chris! Susan and I met 8-9 years ago when she was working with David.

It was such a pleasant surprise to see her & Chris!!!

Yarn photos next...I hope.

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The Queen said...

You look amazing. Something is agreeing with you -- in fact -- are you getting skinny? I think I see collar bones in that photo!!

Oh and yarn photos? Um, PLEASE.