Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yarn & Food

There was food....lots of it.
And yarn...lots of that too. This is table 1.
And table 2. I was tempted by the cone in the middle but didn't want to futz with putting it into hanks to dye it. Lazy, Lazy, I know.
And, there was knitting! We had a nice few hours and then I had to stop at Fiber Factory to pick up some goodies for my Knitter's Tea Swap partner. I'd show you photos but, that would spoil the surprise.
I did buy a misc. bag of yarn for some dyeing but it was already hanked and ready to go!!! It is dk-ish weight yarn.


Kate said...

You may think I've forgotten you, but I haven't. Nice to see those photos fram the Stitch N Bitch. We are starting up on Thursday, in a fabric shop, that is dangerous for my moneybook.
I have some fabrics stored here too..........

tocspaw said...

All that yarn would have been hard to resist...I need to make it to a SnB meeting one of these days!

Catherine Kerth said...

mmmm, good food and yarn... the pic with the cone- the yarn in the very front of that pic cought my eye! LOVELY!