Monday, January 21, 2008

Painting & Knitting

You can kind of see my living room on Saturday morning at o' dark thirty hence the crappy light.
I got this wild hair that I needed to paint an accent wall some version of red. Apparently, to do so, you need to prime with this gray primer. AFTER I had painted with that....a friend of mine told me the next time I paint red, have them tint the primer the same color as the paint. One less step.
Primed by which time Simon was up.
Starting the first coat of red with help. That is about all the help I allowed them to give me because that is a whole lotta red!
The finished wall, room rearranged and I REALLY like it. I do have quite a few touch ups around the edges even though I taped off. I might have been a bit heavy with the edging so I did not get a nice cut. Oh well, I will let the paint dry and do my clean up next weekend.
I also have some friends having baby boys in the next few months so, I knit some itty bitty hats. I am definitely not drinking that water!! ;)


photogmichelle said...

I absolutely love how that red wall turned out. Don't ya just love it when you get a wild hair to do something way too early in the morning.

tocspaw said...

Pass that water my way :-) The red wall looks terrific - it adds a beautiful warmth to your room (which you'll need if you keep getting up so early)!