Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, a wee bit o' champagne was had during New Year's and I found a nice feature on my dishwasher. It has this little rack to hold the stems of your glasses so they don't break and so they can go through the dishwasher.
On Wednesday, I took the kids to Flagstaff to go sledding. There wasn't a lot of snow but we did find a spot that had enough to slide on for an hour or so.
I did knit Hannah a hat but it was left home on the coffee table. However, they did both wear wool mittens so even when they got wet, they were warm.
At the bottom before we hit the car for the kids to change out of their wet clothes.
And then, we drove back to 65 F weather.


Kate said...

Congrats with the new bed, first of all. Bet you had a good night sleep.
I'm so finished with snow now, but we may have 3 months left with it.
Today it is really windy too.

photogmichelle said...

That is too funny about the dishwasher feature. I had no clue what that shelf thingy was for until you posted this. Yippee, another cool feature that I will love.

Looks like you had a blast up in Flag. Can't wait for another snow storm so we can go.