Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, after tasting the Amalfi Limoncello, I decided to make some again. I tried a few years ago and it was not quite as good.

The recipes I have seen call for Everclear...I used not so great vodka before. This time, I bought Everclear and got a bit of guff from the guy at the liquor store asking me if I was having a garbage can party. For those of you that have not been to involves a new garbage can, kool aid, citrus and everclear plus the other booze people bring. You mix water, and all the other stuff and it really does taste like alcohol infused kool aid...ah,, college memories.

Here is my second try with Everclear.
My neighbor brought me a bunch of flowers last week. I planted these.....
and still have this many left. Um, I guess I need a few more containers. I do have potting soil but no more planters.
Tomorrow......another day to get planting pots.


Kate said...

Well, that drinks sounds very good.
Lovely neightbour that brings you flowers. Here it is blooming all over now, it is so summer now.
Hope it will be like this until October.

LemonHead said...

Wow, that's a LOT of Everclear!