Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We took a great road trip today for Mother's Day on our way to San Dominique Winery for a wine luncheon. We got up there a little early so we decided to visit Montezuma's Castle.
The kids wanted to climb up and, not so much. ;))
A group shot with Grandpa & Grandma Linda.
An illustration of the inside of the dwelling.
A great Mother's Day photo of the 3 of us.
Dad & Hannah at the winery. A nice view. The lunch was good....even though we haven't been for 9+ years, the timing of the dinner service was as interesting as ever.
Finally, a photo of Dad & Linda.
A great Mother's Day!


alison said...

That is a great pic of the 3 of you. That's a beautiful place to go for lunch. Glad you had a good Mother's Day.

Birdsong said...

You all look great! I want to visit such an interesting place one day, but your pictures will have to stand in for the meanwhile...

Kate said...

Happy belated mothers day Sarah, lovely photos of you and your family. We have been celebrathed the National day (17mai), and luckily the sun was shining here in trondheim when the children went their parade.But it was cold,
Looking forward to some more KoolAid, but would you send me your adress again, I have had a small crash here and had to formate one of my disks. Didn't think about saving my mails.
The weather forecast is good, so tomorrow I may sit out on my veranda knitting...that would be great.