Monday, May 05, 2008

Random Monday

A cute kitty on the couch. I guess she is comfy.

A new sign above the true. LOVE it. (ha, pun intended)
A new addition to the kitchen. A iHome iPod player/radio/clock. Sounds great now that I have washers to use under the screws. I HATE when you buy something and you have to go buy one more piece to finish it. Would it have been so hard to include 4 small, little washers??
However, a good invention is that the remote has a VERY strong magnet so you don't lose it if you use the refrigerator to hold the remote.


Kate said...

Sounds like the cat has found its place to rest. I have 3 of them and here the lays everywhere.
We have got spring here with nice weather and the sun is shining, not so very hot, but enough to sit out knitting.

Vas Vasudevan said...

again nice pictures. The cat looks very comfy. :)