Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wine Tasting Road Trip

I saw that there was an Arizona winery having a wine tasting about an hour or so out of Phoenix so I grabbed a friend and headed out today.

We got there and it was crowded....but we got a few tastings and sat on the lawn to drink some wine and have some bread. This is a photo of the "normal" tasting room from my seat on the lawn. The weather was really the 70's and sunny.

A view of the vineyard in the background and the hills behind.
The wine was ok (I don't know a lot about wine but I know what I like) but there was another winery, Page Springs Cellars, that had tastings and sold their own wines. Their wine was MUCH so some chardonnay was bought.
However, the best winery was the one we hit on the way home. It is San Dominique Winery. It is small and quaint. If you drive up Interstate 17 from Phoenix, you will see this sign at exit 169 that advertises wine but you think, hmmm...not so much However, the food and the wine is really good!

One thing I do remember from our stops was the port. Amazing port. Well, we stopped by on our way home and had to buy a bottle of port or two. I can't wait to find a nice occassion to open a bottle and sip on its contents.


knitalittle said...

Ohhh I am so into the wine. It looked like you had a nice trip and what a great day. Cheers :)

Vas Vasudevan said...