Saturday, February 07, 2009

An afternoon at the park

This is the time of year we live for in Arizona. Ok, well fall too. Because, summers will about kill you with their 100+ heat for 5 months and air conditioning bills that make you swoon at the number on the page.

I got the carpets (all the upstairs) cleaned yesterday including the stairs. So, thought it was a good time to take the kids to the park so they could let the carpets dry for awhile before going upstairs.

Simon has mastered the monkey bars.
I played on the swings. I love the fact that they are high enough for me to swing on!
Hannah tried some hanging techniques.
This was spinning on the swing. Hmm...I seem to recall doing the same thing when I was a kid.
Then, some general laying down enjoying the sun.
Overall, a great afternoon!