Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Sunday!

Well, I made a lemon cake in my bundt pan...I hate it when the top sticks no matter how much I spray it.
Here is the cake without the bits that stuck.
Here it is after glazing and a few pieces sent to the neighbor that was giving me crap about stealing the lemons. Well, they aren't stolen, just shared from a tree that has 100's of lemons and hangs over the fence in our neighborhood.
Snacks/breakfast packed for tomorrow. I love fresh veggies and fruit but sometimes am too lazy to pack it. Today I packed for tomorrow.
And it is all in the container below. This is a great container because it holds a sandwich without getting smashed, has a cold pack that fits above the sandwich adn then two containers for snacks/veggies.
Healthy snacks for tomorrow at work.
Oh, and it is sad when you buy wipes for your son's class to clean their desk and keep the label info because you are thinking about work. Sigh...sad but true. I will be taking that to work tomorrow.

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The Girl from Mozambique said...

wipes - work - product development?