Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dinner with the kids & lip balm!

I went to Chandler last night to have dinner for Hannah's birthday with the kids. We got this photo outside the restaurant.
After I got home, made some homemade lip balm. I had purchased all the stuff awhile ago but wanted to make some as part of Hannah's birthday party swag bag next week.
Here is the first batch. I added mint oil to it for a tasty change.
After the disasterous pour....I dug out an disposable dropper which worked much better.
The second batch included some lipstick for color and sparkly shadow for some shimmer.
The finished product from batch #2. Made 10 tubes this time. All ready for our 40th birthday party today for one of my friends. The color & shimmer one is for the adults!


Anonymous said...

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Diane said...

How fun the lip balm project looks! Glad Hannah had a anice birthday dinner. Have fun att he party today!

Catherine Kerth said...

that's really neat!I've never seen a how to for lip balm ;)

Jody said...

how cool that you make lip balm! I like the mint addition. Can't get over how big the kids are. I hope that Hannah had a happy birthday! Hope you are doing well, too.