Monday, February 09, 2009


For those of you that have been reading my blog for a really long time, you may remember the first ipod I got and how much I LOVED it. A LOT. And then, you may also remember when I cracked it to put in a new battery with the help of my Dad on Thanksgiving. Well, the old ipod finally bought the farm.

So, I decided that after much drooling (for quite awhile) I would treat myself to the ipod touch. I bought it from the Apple store and it was shipped from China. I was tracking it today and then just happened to check this morning and it was delivered a day early!

I felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he announced the new phone books were here.

Needless to say, I rushed down to the mail room, brought it to my desk and plugged it in the charge it. Now, if only I had itunes at work, I would have spent the rest of the day not working and playing with my ipod!

Sigh, I had to wait until I got home and installed the updated version of itunes so I could play with this!
I also realize that every time I buy electronics, I need accessories. My 3.5 year old ipod looked brand new because I always protected it and the new one was not going to be any different. Hello eBay! I got a hard case, silicone case, screen protector and belt clip/arm clip that arrived today! Great timing. Now, if only I had thought to order the fm transmitter so I could listen to it in the car on the way tomorrow. Ok...later in the week it will come in the mail.
The only problem with new technology is the fact that my daughter loves my gadgets almost as much as I do!!! I had to pry it out of her hands so I could play with it.
I think I am officially in love with my new ipod!


Diane said...

Enjoy! Looks really cool!

alison said...

What a fun gadget. My neighbour has one, and it's pretty cool that you can store and watch movies on it as well as all the games. It's probably good that I don't have one or I'd never get anything done.

Catherine Kerth said...

my neice got one last week and i couldn't put hers down! kuddos! its nice to fun toys!

and i remember when you got your first ipod b/c thats when i wanted one ;)

photogmichelle said...

Congratulations, they look so fun!! I'm holding out for the iPhone as a bday present to myself next month.

The Girl from Mozambique said...

I love it when my daughters are into all that, except in my house the dad is the major gadget guru.