Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cheerleaders & Birds

Hannah decided to join the cheerleading squad at school. For the most part, they cheer at the monthly assembly at her school, which in this case, was last week.

The skirt is from school but wouldn't you know, it was 35 F the morning of the assembly. Thankfully, I had tights for her in my stash!

I do have to say, it is nice that they have so many after school activities at her school. However, unless you did after school care at the school OR your parents had a flexible work schedule, I am not sure how you could attend these events because you have to be picked up after the practices.
Also, I came home from Christmas shopping on Sunday and found this shore bird on my roof. David said it had been there for about an hour or so. It appears to be a Great Blue Heron in its white phase and they are common year round in Arizona.
See, I totally knew that Ornithology class I had to take in college was going to come in handy. Actually, we had to take ecology, ornithology or entomology. In retrospect, given my current profession, entomology would have been quite helpful but I sure did enjoy ornithology and still have my bird books, 15 years later, to show for it!

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