Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa & Knitting

Ok, I am not knitting much.....I have a scarf on the needles but that is it.

Dad & Linda did give me this lovely book last night. It gave me the idea about how to tink back by putting in a lifeline on the Wings of the Moth shawl that is stalled because I did not knit enough repeats! I have to rip back at least 4-5 rows and each row has 300ish stitches!

We went to dinner at Los Gringos Locos in Apache Junction. Yum!!! I love Mexican food. (Don't you love Linda's shawl???? It is the Lost Points Shawl.)
At Dad & Linda's club house, there was a guy dressed as Santa and yes, both of my children still believe in Santa. They LOVED seeing him.


keri said...

I feel your pain, knitting slump scarf sister =)

All the pictures are soo cute, how special that your kids still believe in the magic of santa.

Birdsong said...

Very nice gift... I usually always tink rather than rip, and have gotten fast at it. Better than losing a chunk off the needles and being worse off than when I started. So lovely to see little ones smiling with Santa.