Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Concert

Hannah's school had their holiday concert last night and it was held in the multipurpose (cafeteria) room. Last year it was held outside in the aphitheater and I think it was a much better "venue". Anyway, here are the 2nd graders.

And here is Hannah, the tall blond on in the middle.
I do have to vent a wee bit about some of the behavior.

1. If the kids are singing EVERYONE (parents, grandparents & older children) should be quiet. Even if your child is not up there, SHUT UP AND LISTEN, because someones child is up there and they might like to listen.
2. If you come in late and there are people that are sitting in seats, please feel free to bend down OR sit on the floor so those people that had seats before you showed up, don't have to try and see through your butt.
3. If you have a Razor scooter, it is not appropriate to ride it around between the seats and people standing and make all kinds of "clacking" noise while the children are singing. Fold it and pick it up or leave it outside.

I have been knitting but nothing exciting. I am knitting another Flying V scarf from Exquisite Little Knits using some Regia Sock yarn I got in a swap this summer. I have been waking up at 4:30 am almost every morning and I am pretty well TIRED OUT by 8 pm.

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Kate said...

Oh, isn't is lovely to hear the children sing. It makes me asmost crying. I went to church on Tuesday, becuse Helene was singing, and it gave me a lot of peace and joy.
And i want to wish you and your family a very nice Christmas, and I look forward to communicate for the next year too. Lots of hugs from Kate