Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leah is a GENIUS!

Ok, well maybe not a genius but a smart cat.
Why you ask?? Well, she peed on the bed TWICE this weekend while I was still in it. The first time I thought it was because she didn't have any water.

Day two, tried to push her off before she did it but was not successful. I checked that she had water & food, she did, so I thought maybe she was trying to tell me something so I took her to the vet on Monday. (David thought I was crazy to read something into Leah's behavior but you know, she just doesn't do that kind of stuff.)

She needed shots anyway but I had them test for a UTI or something going on with her bladder/kidney's. Turns out she has Struvite Crystals and so we are hoping with a fancy diet change, this won't be a problem.


JJ said...

Sorry to tell you, but that's a common thing. ;) But yes, your cat is smart! One thing to watch with the food (if it's Science Diet CD), it's fatty, so she may put on some weight. And don't give treats until the crystals are gone. If you need to you can give her some of the food as treats. :)

Ashley said...

Poor kitty. Good for you, moms always know when something's "off!"

keri said...

Oh no, I hope your kitty is feeling better soon!

tocspaw said...

Sorry to hear your little Leah is feeling poorly. That special diet should do the trick. My little kitties are on a special diet, too - seems both of them have exceptionally sensitive stomachs. Yay for a lifetime of $$ food - LOL.