Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Weekend

I signed up for the Knitter's Tea Swap for round 3. It is kind of like Secret Pal but only requires 1 swap so it is fun to put a nice package together and be done with it!! ;)
We went with Grandma Linda & Grandpa to Stitch N Pitch to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball.

There was a set up before the game with tote bags from TNNA and the LYS in our area.
The set up at the ball park.
During the national anthem, the miliatary opened up a huge flag. It was quite large since you can see it so well and we were A LONG way away.
In our seats....we only lasted about 1.5 hours at the game (as expected) because Simon was bored and tired. They also handed out Diamondback colored camo hats as you entered the game.On the way out they have this great demonstration with balls that go all over and end up going through a huge maze. That was probably Simon's favorite part.
This is the bag of goodies. Apparently not as good as last year. Some knit lites, crochet lites (both light up needles & hooks), some Bryspun straights, gauge ruler and yarn.

On the way home we hit Cafe Lalibela. We had the sampler platter below. It was really yummy and everyone got to try a little bit of something. Simon & Hannah liked eating with their "hands" but weren't 100% in love with the bread you use to scoop up the food. It has a bit of a fermented taste but they seemed to like the food and got a tummy full.
Still knitting my shawl and it is coming along nicely. However, the photo would look just like the other ones but bigger.

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Spiff said...

I was so annoyed they did SnP on a Sunday this year! It looks like it was a great time. I so want to try Cafe Lalibela. I had NO IDEA that they had crochet lites now!! I like to crochet in the car when we do car trips and I feel bad putting the light on for it, even though Adam says he doesn't mind. I gotta get my fix, though!