Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lunch Packing

The newness & the cost of eating out has hit me. For years, I worked at home and ate 90% of my lunches at home so...when I started working outside the house, I liked going out. However, I do not like what it is doing to my pocketbook (or potentially to my waistline) so...while I was at the grocery store today, I saw these two products from Fit Fresh.

The sandwich container which is much like a Bento Box with a large container for a sandwich or meat and two smaller containers for other items like veggies or preztels. The nice thing is they come apart AND they are all microwavable.

I also got a salad container with the dressing container in the top because, this week, lazy lettuce (pre-bagged lettuce & spinach) was on sale for $1 a bag! That is less than a head of lettuce.
I will be taking my lunch at least a few times this week!

Oh, I forgot...what is interesting about these containers is they have freezer packs that fit into them to keep your items cool. Who knew??

Maybe I can take it to a local coffee place near work, since we don't really have a break room, and it is getting too hot outside AND I don't want to eat my lunch at my desk every, and purchase a small drink. Still better for me and less expensive than eating out.


Wannabe said...

Very cool!

One place that I used to go when I worked up there was The Great Indoors. I packed my lunch a lot for the same reasons. Anyways, The Great Indoors has a really big area to eat inside and they also have a if you buy a drink then you can sit there and look at all the cool design books while you eat lunch and sip on your drink. :)

eva said...

I've heard lots of good things about those Fit/Fresh Containers.

Try the Passion Iced Tea at Starbucks (unsweetened). Yum!