Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost two weeks!!!

I was walking through the building one morning last week and saw what looked to be two large dogs in the front lawn. Upon further inspection, it was a pair of coyotes (male & female) out front hunting rabbits & birds. The female, who must have recently had babies, was just finishing off a rabbit.
Well, Simon "graduated" from preschool last night. They had a nice little ceremony. Here he is with his friend Zoe.
Getting his "diploma".
And posing for Mom!
On Mother's Day we went to Canyon Lake with my Dad & had a nice lunch.
The vista overlooking the lake in the distance.
After we got back to Dad & Linda's we spent the rest of the day just hanging out at their place and swimming in the pool. It was a wonderful day.
I am still knitting but it is the same thing........and looks the same only bigger!


JerseyGirl said...

Nice coyote shot! That's pretty cool! :) They must be very desensitized to humans.

Cute shots of Simon from his graduation! Kindergarten already? Wow!!

I enjoyed seeing Canyon Lake again, too and noticed Hannah had on her 'heels.' :) Glad you had a nice mother's day!

Theresa said...

Happy (belated) mother's day. Simon looks so cute in his cap.

I don't see coyotes around here, but we see foxes all the time. It's always exciting when we spot one. Last week one was walking along the apartment complex sidewalk and checking out the patios (for garbage I suppose).