Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates 3

For once, we went to a movie on opening weekend.

It was a good movie from the cinematography, costumes, actors, etc. HOWEVER, it was 3 hours long!!!

Lord knows I love Johnny Depp but you know, 3 hours is a really LONG TIME. I would have enjoyed the movie just as much if it were an hour shorter.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. I think there were things I missed, many sub-plots, but since I KNOW we will buy it on dvd, I will surely figure it out when we watch it again.


Wannabe said...

Bri and I are going this afternoon! I couldn't believe it was THAT long. Oy. I'll let you know what I think!

Kate said...

Have you seen it already, I will surtenly buy the film. We have the others her on film, and must of course have this one too. Enjoy the weekend.

datatech57 said...

Ah, but did you stay until the very end of the credits? There was indeed somethingworth seeing there!