Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Scottsdale Moment

Today, during lunch I had a quick bite, then went to a fabric store and then got my passport photo taken.

Lunch...quick & cheap.

Fabric store...yeah, that is where the Scottsdale moment came into play. I went to this store to see what kind of fabric they sold. Well, they sell decorator fabric. However, inside the front door was a clearance table that had remnants of decorator fabrics along with trims and a few decorating books. They were all $5.99. I picked up a piece of fabric and looked around the store, then paid. On my way out, I asked if they happened to sell a specific item...the clerk said, "No, we don't and if we did, it would definitely not be on the remnant table." I thought, well, looks can be deceiving and you know, I might have gone back up until that point but, not again.

Passport: 3 things
1. Did you know you can't smile in the photos anymore? I look like a convict.
2. You have to show your ears in the photo.
(I think the first two things have to do with face recognition software.)
3. If you meet 4 requirements, you don't have to pay the extra $30 filing fee but can instead mail it directly to the passport office??? Cool!

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tocspaw said...

We had to do passport photos for China. I tried to half smile in mine, and just wound up looking slightly drunk. Sigh. Hope you have a nice long weekend!