Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finally grown up...again.

Since the decision was made to divorce late last year, I have pretty much been sleeping on a twin bed at the old house and after the move in August since the bedroom set (and dead mattress set) stayed with David.

I missed snuggling in bed with Hannah & Simon plus, I was getting sick of my early refugee decorating style in my bedroom.
So, on Dec. 26, I bought a mattress set and headboard. One of my co-workers had given me a very nice frame last weekend and my neighbor, Brittany, helped me get the headboard off my roof rack and upstairs to the bedroom.

The mattress was delivered yesterday afternoon and I slept really well in my new bed last night.

Now, all I need are some night stands, a dresser and maybe another TV. One thing I can tell you, the dresser will be purchased somewhere that delivers and can take it up the stairs.

Hmm...I hear there might be bonuses in February. ;)

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