Monday, February 18, 2008

Another update...

I finished a second pair of the baby booties. The ones on the right are left over Lorna's Laces. They are smaller since the yarn is smaller and contains elastic.

I got a surprise right before Valentine's Day with this nice gift. I am pen pal's with a lady in Alaska that I have never actually met in person. We met through an online cooking group I participate in online.
She is in her late 70's with failing eye sight which makes her gift even more special. She made me a cross stitched bookmark with the nicest note:

You are one of life's special blessings. As you use this bookmark I made, I hope you will be reminded of the mark you make on the lives of many. Happy Valentine's Day.

So sweet and so special. Thanks Lynn!

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Kate said...

Those babybooties are really cute. I have promised my cousin to make her some babythings for her girl who is going to be borned i June. But I just can't decide what to make, there are so much beautiful patterns.