Sunday, February 17, 2008

Have you seen me???

It appears Leah was able to outsmart us and get out of the front door when it was ajar last night.

I didn't realize she was gone (she has free reign of the house and often is stuck in hidey holes around the house) until 4:30 am this morning when I did not recall her jumping on the bed and pouncing my feet in the night.

I went out looking for her this morning and we are going to hang signs in our neighborhood and some of the ones close to us this morning and then ask around to our neighbors.

Let's hope someone took her in last night.


Margene said...

I pray you'll find her safe and sound!

tocspaw said...

Oh no! Here's hoping all is well with Leah and she finds her way back home safely!!!

Mel said...

Sneaky kitty. My cat ran away in a similar fashion when I lived in a apartment complex and he showed up again after 2 days, no worse for the experience. I hope Leah comes home soon.