Monday, February 11, 2008

There is Knitting....

I have big things on the needles but saw something I could finish in a evening or two on Amanda's blog. Magic Slippers using your left over sock yarn.

I finished this one last night watching 1/2 of Four Weddings and a Funeral on BBC America.
Here is the second one before I ripped it back to match the stripes. The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes.
The second one should be finished later this evening. Kate, did you notice the Harmony dpn's??? Do the slippers count as socks??? ;)


Brat said...

Anything for feet counts as socks IMO. They look adorable, I'll have to poke through my tub-o-sock-leftovers.


PS I put the heart pattern up for you in case you want to peek.

Kate said... counts.
Mine came today,I love them.
Thanks a lot Sarah for the help and for the KoolAid. Great hug.

PS. They look adorable, the slippers.

Theresa said...

Cute! And great idea. I've been wanting to knit booties. I think I have some of the blue Regia sock yarn that I got from you in the first Tea Swap left. Perfect!

Thanks for sending the link to your new blog!