Sunday, February 24, 2008


Look at these cute bags that were in the Joann's ad this weekend. I have been using fabric bags for a few years for my groceries. They are canvas bags that have been collected over the years. However, after the move, it appears I only have about 6-7 left. Don't know where the rest of them went but, hey, I am sure there is fabric in my stash to make a few of these.
I also bought a vacuum to do my stairs. I have an upright but I don't think it works all that well on the stairs and it is bulky. I got this on Friday and I can tell you after using it, the stairs look so much better. Hmmm...doesn't that hand held size look like something a 9 yo could do?? New chore in her future.
I have started these fingerless gloves TWICE! They are Lucky 8 from Mag Knits. The pattern is not bad but since I am knitting them in the round instead of flat (as the pattern is written), I keep forgetting the "knit" row in between increases, etc. Let's hope the 3rd time is the charm since they are for my Mom for her birthday.
I have to thank Kate for the Harmony needles since this pattern calls for a size that is not normally sold in the US.


Girl from Mozambique said...

Sweet bags... :-)

Kate said...

Great bags, and if your mother don't like the mittens, you can send them to me, I loved them.
I have started knitting som eastern hens for felting, but later on this evening I will knit socks (of course)