Friday, February 15, 2008


Hannah's birthday is on Valentine's Day so, there is no way to avoid the day...

Early morning present opening....she got to open a few.
Birthday cake with Grandpa & Grandma.
Showing off her new Skip It out front.
Opening a new, much bigger, mp3 player that is PINK.
After dinner with the Tiki.
Happy 9th Birthday Hannah! There is a sleep over planned for tonight.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Hope you survive the sleepover, Mom :)

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I like the MP3 player. Hope your sleepover is a lot of fun. PS. What is a Skip It?

JerseyGirl said...

I was waiting for the bday post! =) Happy Birthday, Hannah! Have fun tonight! I can't believe it was over 8 years ago that I was babysitting her...

Skip It is what Hannah's wearing on her ankle-it swings around and you jump or 'skip' over it. I had one when I was a kid and spent hours counting how many rotations I could get before I messed up.

Have a good weekend!