Monday, March 24, 2008


First I love my much I rarely use the desktop PC.

  • The only problem, whenever I close Internet Explorer 7, it crashes....which means I can't upload photos to blogger, buy things online, etc. I have Norton Anti-Virus and I suspect there is something not working between the two programs. Anyone got any ideas? The new laptop has Windows Vista.
  • The lace fingerless mitts are not going well. Do any of you readers know of patterns for fingerless gloves that call for lace weight yarn? The mitts are to match a shawl I made for my Mom but they only had the purple colored yarn in lace weight. So...I am stuck.

I saw a movie over the weekend called The Bank Job. It was good although a little more violent in the middle than I expected. The lead characters are good and I have seen them both in other movies.

Any advice on my two problems above, leave me a comment or email me.


The Queen said...

yes, I happen to have some advice -- for the yarn...

Triple it.

Ok, I took this Lucy Neatby thing (which I may be taking about for the rest of my life) and she showed us how to steal a techinque from spinning (the cable ply, I think) to add weight and bulk. You basically make LONG slip knots and keep them going -- urgh, this isn't going to be explained well -- do you spin? Do you know a spinner? They can show you how it is done in spinning, then you do it with the yarn and knit it -- trust me, you'll never see the bumps.

Oh and for the laptop, try turning off Norton and see if it still crashes. If it doesn't, it is Norton -- if it does then it is something else.

The Girl from Mozambique said...

I can't upload pics to Blogger either, with my new HP, but I thought it was VISTA ... Haven't figured it out either.

JerseyGirl said...

I'm not sure if Mozilla's browser Firefox will work or not...but it's the web browser I use most of the time. Go to anc click on the Download Firefox link if you want to try it. Good luck!