Sunday, March 30, 2008

It is NOT that warm in Arizona....

We got home from dinner and the kids saw friends in the pool...and thought they needed to go too.

You see the ginger tip toes on the steps....yeah, it is cold. I had a sweater on while I supervised.
Eventually, they jumped in, swam around for 5 minutes or less and came in the house shivering.

Let's hope they wait until the water really warms up!

P.S. This is being posted from my laptop!!! Uninstalled YAHOO parts and now, no crashing! Yea.

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photogmichelle said...

haha,I took the kids for some free swim lessons that City of Mesa offered and the kids came out of there freezing their butts off. I don't know that we are going back tomorrow.

At least your kids got out after 5 minutes.

Yeah on posting from the laptop