Saturday, March 08, 2008

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival today and had a great time.

All the kids really wanted to do was the bungee jumping. Simon was all full of it until the actual moment and then...decided to take the more quiet approach. I have to say the man working his trampoline was really nice and understanding about a little winkie who has a great vision.

Hannah, well, you can see she was bouncing all over but said she couldn't get the guts to do a flip or year!
They also tried their luck at bouncing frogs with a catapult. Simon won a bug!
Me...see, I was really there with them!!!
So were Grandpa & Grandma....funny, Grandpa has a pointy head but we didn't know it until this photo!! Sorry DAD!!
There was a petting zoo...YES, my children remember that wool yarn comes from sheep. Hannah gave me the "yes, I know sheep produce wool Mom". ;)
Simon loved the babies.
A ride on Da Vinci's Flying Ride.
I told you I would see wildflowers!
And, we did a quick trip to Fresh & Easy by Dad & Linda's place. Apparently, there is one in a strange intersection near us too. It is somewhere between a convenience store & grocery store.
It is owned by Tesco's in the UK...but they did not have any PG Tips tea. Sigh. We did pick up a few quick things like milk and such in a much shorter time than it would have taken at a normal grocery store. In our neck of the woods, it is a lot like Trader Joe's but with a much better store lay out and stuff is easy to find. Although, I did not see the great cheese selection that TJ's has at their stores.

A great Saturday all around!!


keri said...

Oh that looks like so much fun and did you dye your hair? It looks fab!

Margene said...

I still remember my first Renaissance Faire from the 1980s. It was a blast and it looks like you took full advantage!

African Kelli said...

It looks like a lot of fun! And I am loving those babies too. Aw, petting zoos...

Kate said...

I envy you the summer, here it is still lots of snow.
The flowerpicture was beautiful.