Monday, March 31, 2008

Easy Freezer Jam

When strawberries come into season, I make freezer jam. It is easy and the kids LOVE it on their pancakes/waffles instead of syrup.

I made 10 small jars. I used the "newish" plastic jam jars from Ball that have screw on lids and nest together in your freezer. It gelled really nicely overnight.

Of course, it could be that for some reason, I got it in my head that each recipe needed twice the amount of strawberries but I never changed everything else so it was more like soup than jam.
I love freezer jam because the strawberries keep that wonderful red color and the taste is amazing. In case you are wondering, I just use the Sure Jell recipe inside the box and it works like a charm.

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Heather said...

How funny, I made freezer jam over the weekend, too. I use the low-sugar pectin. It never lasts long in my house.