Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Limoncello & Yarn

The limoncello is finished and tastes very much like the one my friend brought back from Italy.

750 ml of Everclear makes 2.5 quarts of limoncello! The one on the left is from the freezer and the one on the right is from the pantry.

Kate & I have a swap every now and again....mainly when she is out of Kool Aid for dyeing yarn. They do not sell Kool Aid in Norway. I was excited this time because I found blue Kool Aid which I have not been able to find in years!

She sent me Dale of Norway Lerke yarn. A wool & cotton blend. I am trying to think if a short little sweater with cap sleeves that I could make by alternating one row of each of these yarns to blend them together. Hmmm....if you think of a pattern, let me know!
Thanks Kate! Dale of Norway yarn always reminds me of my time in Norway from 1987-1988 as a Rotary Exchange Student.


Diane said...

The limoncello looks great Sarah! Would love to have the recipe you used.

The yarn is so pretty. I love the color bloue Koolaid turns yarn. My neighbor has down thatthe color is awesome! She has gotten some pretty natural tones using tea as well.

You are inspiring me!

knitalittle said...

Can't wait to see how the sweater turns out. The limoncello sounds interesting. If you could send the recipe my way I'm always looking for new recipes.