Sunday, June 08, 2008

Week In Review

I tried to install a programmable, forgot to turn off the breaker so I blew a fuse which required a visit from the air conditioner company. Needless to say, I paid to get both thermostats installed for me.

We were dog watching yesterday for the neighbors which means we let their little "boys" out yesterday afternoon. They came over on Friday and told me that I only needed to come at 1:30 pm and they would be home in the evening but left instructions for the alarm. Anyway, Simon & I let the boys out and then came home. This morning I read the instructions at 5:15 am when I got up and it mentioned that they were coming home this morning and the boys needed to be fed.

CRAP! I run over and let myself in to make sure that my neighbors were home. Um, they were and the dogs were barking and waking them up, I am sure. They stay up WAY later than I do.

Hannah helped me make some banana streusel muffins to make up for waking them at the crack of dawn. The carnage from my helpers. Yes, I was using the laptop for recipes so I don't have to print the recipes.
The finished product.
The neighbors laughed when they came over today and loved the muffin suck up.


knitalittle said...

Hummmm muffins. I'm looking for a good recipe mind telling me the one you used. I got an apple sauce muffin recipe and it was a nightmare. Glad the suck up worked.09

JerseyGirl said...

These muffins look fantastic! I have a really good, easy banana bread recipe I should send to you. I love it b/c I always have all the ingredients on hand as long as I have some almost rotten bananas. :)