Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Morning

I was up at my usual too darned early this morning so after I read the paper and had some tea, I though I'd hit the local farmers market. I haven't been there since the last time I lived on the north side of Phoenix.
I got to the market about 7:15 am (it opened at 7 am) and this was the line to pay at the major produce stand. They sell locally grown produce.
This my "haul".....fresh sourdough, fresh seeded baguette, baby zucchini and summer squash (to be grilled tonight), creamer red potatoes, a bit of ginger, red onion and a pot of salsa. The sourdough became breakfast when I got home.
On the way home I stopped at a garage sale I had seen on the way and bought these two hand embroidered tablecloths for $1 total. They have obviously been in someones basement as they have that musty smell. After a run through the washer, I am sure they will be perfectly fine.
Off to pick up the new grill parts so I can grill tonight! I have the london broil marinating in the refrigerator.


Diane said...

Great tablecloths Sarah and they will look pretty on your outdoor tables. The prodcue looks great and the bread, YUM!

Margene said...

The market goodies look so...well, good! I'd love to stop by for dinner;-)