Sunday, July 05, 2009

Last our "Stay-cation"

One of the local resorts was running a special a few months ago for their hotel to fill it up in the summer months. As usual, my kids have to make funny faces.
We were waiting for the bagpiper to play over the golf greens. (That's Dad & Linda in the photo below.)
On Saturday we spent a good part of the morning in the pool with the lazy river.

Hannah relaxing with Grandpa.
This is the view from our hotel room balcony.
I tried to take some quiet time...ha, ha, ha....after we went to the bookstore by reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. It was a good book.
That evening we went out to see the bagpiper again. Simon was enjoying seeing the turtle in the pond.
A family photo on Saturday night.
One final dip in the pool on Sunday morning and then......
Off to drop Hannah off for sleep away camp (her first time away for 4 nights).

She had a great time and enjoyed that she got to go with friends so it wasn't quite that lonely!
She came back....happy, but admitted she missed her brother. The calm lasted about 20 minutes and they are back to their typical normal sibling selves.

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Diane said...

The time at the hotel looked relaxing and big fun. Loved Kitchen Confidential. The under belly happenings of the restuarnat world! Hannah is gorwing up into such a young lady! Laughing how they were back to normal agter missing one another in 20 minutes when she returned from her trip. Love all the things you aand your family are always up to.