Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not all wine & caviar

As if it were.......

I love music. Mostly country, 70-80's, light rock and some harder rock. I can listen to a song and tell you how that song related to my life.

I have an ipod full of music that makes me smile.

I'd like to tell you divorce is is not. The part where you get to 2 years down the road is a good place to be. However, there are still challenges that face you from time to time.

Dating....different than pre-kids and a whole new set of rules. I heard this old song by Garth Brooks recently, Learning to Live Again, and I smiled because for me it is true. Sometimes dating is a challenge and there are days it feels like it is killing me.

A friend of mine has more music than I do and alphabetizes it (What??). When I visited I downloaded the Eagles album, Hell Freezes Over. A great album I remember listening to in grad school in Fargo, ND. (Why yes, the movie Fargo did come out about the time I drove to Phoenix.) However, I never listened to the whole album. One song that I have been enjoying (I love the Eagles anyways) is the song, Learn to Be Still. I smile when I hear it because I spent a lot of years with someone that looked for happiness over "that next green hill" and never found their happiness right in front of them. I try to find happy in every day and find a way to enjoy every day.

A final song for the song, Here, by Rascal Flatts. Yes, I know it about love but I think it is very true about my love for my children. I would not have wished the chaos of divorce and the pain & agony that goes with it on anyone. BUT, I think every step was worth the peace and calm we have in our lives to day so that we can be HERE.

Before you feel bad for me...this is a post about how HAPPY I am in life. I wish I was creative like song writers so I could express myself but I am not, so I love music that helps me crystalize the thoughts floating in my head.

Life is good. ;) Hope you enjoy the music.


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Diane said...

And happy I found it....I also love the song Learn to be Still by The Eagles. In fact Hell Freezes Over is one of my all time fav CD's. Happiness is in our every day's, in who loves us and who we love, in all the little things many people never stop to see and expeience. Peace. Learning to be still is learning to have a peaceful soul to me. I am happy for you my friend!

alison said...

You're so right.

keri said...

Too true - rock on! =)

JerseyGirl said...

Music is good for the soul. I'll never understand people who aren't into music at all....any kind of music. This will shock you but we saw two concerts this week-Ween last night and Wilco on Monday. And we may be flying to CO to see that favorite band of ours in less than 2 weeks then jetting off to WA to see them again. Ah, music. :) I'm glad you're happy Sarah-you deserve it!