Monday, July 20, 2009


I just finished Honeymoon with My Brother and Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, Around the World on an Empty Stomach.

Both books make me want to travel and try new food.
I have always loved to travel. Although international destinations are not currently on the menu for me, I have vowed to myself that I will see what I can either by car or plane in the coming years.
Portland, Utah, Montana and exploring New Mexico are on the list. I have a planned trip to the 4 corner's area (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah & Colorado) are on the menu for next month with the kids. I am also off to Napa with Diane this coming weekend and hope to hit Portland in the next few months. I see Portland as a long weekend like I did on my trip to Seattle.

I love to see new things and eat new food and look forward to exploring for years to come!

Here's to eating my way to as many corner's of the world as I can...YUM.


Mel said...

If you venture into downtown Napa, I recommend Zuzu on Main St. It's a Tapas restaurant and their food is really really good but their Sangria is even better! (Just came back from a visit to Napa last month). Have fun!

Diane said...

You and I have the same wish - to eat and drink our way through the US and possibly the world. I can't wait for our Napa adventure together. Your friend Mel's restuarant suggestion sounds very good. We will have to try that next time. I am so looking forward to our late lunch at Michael Chiraello's Bottega! Who knows, we may still be there late and want more to eat.