Sunday, March 07, 2010


This weekend, I had lots of veggies on hand. Therefore, I made a very yummy Italian flavored veggie soup.

A few weeks ago, the neighbors also gave me a jar of "friendship" soup. It was really good! I used the soup mix and added a bunch of veggies including carrots, celery, beans, onions and cabbage. It was really good!
Friday night I had Simon all to myself. We went to the mall to get him a new pair of shoes. Along the way, he found some massage chairs. His special treat for the evening was to have a chair massage. I gotta love that boy because I LOVE getting a massage.

With our veggie love....I got a bunch of carrots. Here they are before being washed. I figure that when they are put into soup, they need to keep their peels since that is where a lot of the nutrients are in carrots.
Simon was my helper with the Italian style soup and the carrot soup. He did a great job working the food processor.
The simmering carrots & a few potatoes.

After being hit with the immersion blender. I LOVE that Christmas gift from Dad & Linda a few years ago!
And, finally, Donk & Finny are having a craft/cook along this year. One of the projects for this month is an Irish soda bread. Easy to make and mighty tasty. It will be my toasted breakfast this week along with some boiled eggs!

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JerseyGirl said...

YUM!!! The soup and bread both look fantastic! I really need to use my immersion blender more. Sounds like you and Simon had a great time together! Definitely gotta take advantage of that while he's still not embarrassed to be seen w/his parents. Oh the horror!! ;)