Sunday, March 14, 2010

Road Trip Saturday

The kids & I decided to take a road trip yesterday because I saw an advertisement for a gem and gem show in Cottonwood, AZ. As you can see, Hannah found some she liked.

Simon was very impressed with the large amethysts.

After our visit to the gem show we visited Tuzigood National Monument.

The ranger was very nice to allow us to use the staff picnic table for our picnic. The view of the Verde Valley was beautiful.

Jerome, AZ off in the distance at the left of the photo. The kids thought it was cool that there was snow on the peaks.

At the top of the monument.

Verde is nice to see the desert all green because of the recent rains.

Simon practicing his corn grinding skills like he did while we were in Colorado.

A view of the monument.

Last stop....Montezuma's Well. A view of the cliff dwellings built above the water.

At the bottom of the well is an 800 year old ruin that you can look into up close and personal. Good thing I have kids, because of all the times I have visited the well, I never knew it was there!

The well from above with the cliff dwellings of in the distance.
The well naturally drains on the other side of the well and the Sinagua tribe used to irrigate their farm land. Simon enjoyed trying to catch the water bugs. Unfortunately, he was not successful.
At the end of our visit to the well, we ran into a couple that had 6 animals between them, including a wolf that Simon enjoyed petting. It had the most gorgeous blue eyes.
A great day! Today, we are off to the Renaissance Festival.

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