Sunday, March 14, 2010

Renaissance Festival 2010

We went to the RenaissanceFestival today with Dad & Linda. While we waited for Dad & Linda to meet us, Simon made a nice rubbing of a unicorn with a very nice man in one of the booths.
I had to take a photo of this attendee since his chain mail was made of Bud Light cans. I just laughed when I saw it!
This year Simon tried Jacob's Ladder. It is game of balance and counter weights but Simon did not quite grasp that concept.

Yeah....this was right before he fell off!
This group so guys named London Broil did a great show! The balanced juggling and comedy was a lot of fun.
The bungee cord trampoline jumping is the highlight of my children's visit to the Renaissance Festival. This year was no exception. You see Simon in the background with Hannah in the foreground.
They tried their hand at jumping frogs.....

And this huge slide!!! It almost looks they are in jail (tempting, I know).
We fed some sheep in the petting zoo.
And Simon churned some butter. He LOVED it last year too!
Hannah modeling my new hat. I forgot a hat at home so......a new one was purchased with a wide brim to block the sun. Hannah trying out the hammocks...if only I had somewhere to hang it!Trying their hand at archery!
and a small cross bow....
And finally the merry go round.....
Let's not forget Simon...

A family photo before we left!
We can't forget Grandpa & Grandma.
Beautiful spring weather in Arizona. Can't be beat!
Bungee trampoline jumping video!

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