Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Glittering Lip Gloss

Yea, I can upload with Blogger again. I updated my Internet Explorer yesterday and seemed to take care of the problem.

I bought this glitter lip gloss kit on Sunday at Joann's for Hannah. She loves mixing stuff (so does Simon) so we mixed it up and made her a couple of lip gloss necklaces.

When I added the glitter, it was with a light hand. However, um, when Hannah added it, well, it is kind of WHITE instead of pink lip gloss.
Oh well, live & learn.

You know what these necklaces reminded me of? My Mom used to get us these Avon pins that had a solid perfume in them. Ok, I found a photo of one in eBay.

The irony is that this skunk pin has perfume in it. The tail & tummy flip down to reveal the perfume.

So tempted to buy that thing for nostalgia's sake. Did anyone have the one that was a roller skating rabbit whole legs would swing back and forth????


Pat said...
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Mel said...

I remember those, but I can't remember if I ever had one and what it looked like. I just remember the perfume was Really Strong! The glitter gloss kit looks like fun, too.

Susan Moeser said...

I didn't have the rabbit, but I do remember some kind of puppy dog pin, a green ice cream cone lip gloss and a chocolate chip cookie gloss!

Birdsong said...

My daughter just loved the same sorts of activities about a dozen years ago, and that is nostalgic to me! Thanks for the compliment on my shawl, as you are one of the best and most prolific of the lace knitters.

Kate said...

Looks like she's having a great time, my youngest liked those activities too, and now she's making jewelery. The school has started here now, thanks for that, so now I have the days for myself.
Don't you like knitting socks??