Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nuthin' but Knittin'

Hmm...what are these?

Why, they are side to side mittens! This is a very fun pattern to knit and goes quickly since it is a pattern for the 6 and under set.

I am going to knit a bunch for this project. Living in Arizona, I don't get much opportunity to knit mittens. You all know that a fair amount of my knitting goes to charity projects. I can only have so much knitting around my house.

Plus, my kids lose interest (see the post on Tuesday, January 10, 2006: You'll have to scroll down for it.) in what I make them by the time it is finished, even if I finish it in a weekend when they are begging for it on Thursday at the mall!

I am using Karaoke in Rainbow (picked up at one of their "outlet" sales) from SWTC. Ironically, it is a very soft yarn but if you ever felt it, put the item in a mesh bag inside a very securely fastened pillow case because this stuff will wreck your washer from all the soy silk fuzz.

I also wound up my lace weight dark green yarn for the Wings of the Moth shawl that I will probably start this weekend. Thank you Heather for the yarn. There was the usual gnashing of teeth to fight for the right to wind but I put my foot down because it is lace weight and I did not want a whole bunch of knots in it due to child labor.

Isn't that gorgeous?


margene said...

The mittens are going to be fun! I love Moth, too. She's on my list...soon, soon.

tocspaw said...

That's a gorgeous pattern - I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Abigale said...

I am so looking forward to seeing how you get along with the Moth shawl, it's on my list of "someday" projects, and it's so beautiful!