Monday, August 28, 2006

Whole Lotta Knitting

I didn't sew at all this weekend, unless you count weaving in ends, but I got quite a bit of knitting done.

This is my first scarf for the "Red Scarf Project". They don't take the donations until January (due to lack of storage) but I figured, why not start early?

I LOVE this pattern. I am toying with rewriting it for a shawl. Interesting but not killing me to knit it. I do love this pattern in varigated yarn but I had this SWTC Karaoke in hand so, that is what got chosen.

I also finished the Lacy ZigZag Cashmere scarf. I had to block it twice because the first time I pulled it a bit too long and so it did not show the zig zap but the second time was the charm.
Someone we know is having a baby pretty soon and is planning on doing the cloth diaper route. So, since their baby shower is coming up, I thought I had finally found something that I could KNIT that she did not have......diaper soakers. I decided to purchase the pattern because it was more like a disposable diaper and was easy on/easy off when they are "stinky". Who wants to try and get it off a dirty diaper.
I might have to see if she has any orange wool and then I could make a Gator Diaper Soaker.


Creative Genius? said...

Oh good lord that is the cutest darn thing EVER!!! I just love it! Hmmm - orange wool yarn... I might just have some in my stash - let me go stash diving and I'll let you know!

Oh and I love the site where you ordered it from... the patter for the recycled diapers (out of jeans) and the soakers/soaker-pants out of sweaters... I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for pointing this site out - gave me LOTS of ideas!


Kate said...

Wow, you've done a lot this weekend, beautiful scarves and cute diaperpants.

YarnB said...

That is a pretty scarf! You love the pinks!

Catherine Kerth said...

love the knits!!!!!! both scarves look sooo cozy ;)