Saturday, August 26, 2006

Swap Mart in Mesa

The kids & I went to check on Grandma & Grandpa's cat this morning and since we were so far east, thought we'd check out a Farmer's Market on Main (Apache Trail in East Mesa). Um, not so much.

So, I knew there was a BIG one somewhere off US 60 not too far down the road so we got on US 60 and exited at Signal Butte (Exit 193).

We found THIS!

This picture was taken about 1/2 down the first building. There were 2 buildings open but I understand in the winter, there are 3 and there is a lot more stuff.
The kids want this for Christmas. Heck, at $12, I am tempted.
David wanted to put a water feature in the back yard. I like these.
We need another sun after we gave one away. We have a bunch of them, all different sizes, in our family room. I love the Kokopelli in the middle. It is nothing like any of the others we have on the wall.
Simon really wants one of these birds that is weighted in the middle so once you push it, it will keep "pecking". They are made out of rock and recycled rebar.

What did I buy? A dash mat for my van for the whopping price of $29. I would have looked at more but the natives were getting restless. Good thing it was free to get in so I didn't feel bad leaving after an hour.

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mf said...

thats a neat track for $12 heck I'd buy it!