Monday, November 20, 2006

How Hard is it to Knit a Scarf??

Apparently much harder than I thought. I am knitting the scarves for the Red Scarf Project as part of Knit Unto Others.

First try.....a Flying V Scarf with the left over Merino Tencel.....Um, not so much so this is now a ball of yarn.

Second attempt to use stash yarn......Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Again, not enough to make a 60 inch scarf. However, it has not been frogged because I am hoping maybe Pam still has some of this in her stash since we bought a 3 pack together from Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago.
Most recent attempt...I KNOW I have enough self striping Karoaoke to finish at least this one scarf.
Can someone tell me why our son, Simon, thinks he needs to come to our bed at 4:22 am after he has gone to the bathroom? I put him back in bed and he slept until 6:30 am but the night was done for David & I after his visit.

Also, there is a new online yarn retailer!

One Planet Yarn & Fiber opened over the weekend. Go over and check them out!

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JerseyGirl said...

I really like the rainbow stripes!