Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Wednesday

This is Leah helping me work. WHY she chose to go to sleep there, I don't know but she spent most of the morning sleeping on my desk.

Knit Unto Others update: 3 scarves, a shawl and a pair of mittens.
Sewing. Hannah was having a rough day on Sunday when her friend across the road had other girls to play with outside. The new girls did not want to play with her so we went to Joann's and got the purple batik fabric in the bottom. However, by the time we got back, everything was find with the girls so, she no longer wanted to learn to sew.

Yesterday afternoon, we had some time after they were all done playing and so made the two travel tissue holders in purple batik from this great pattern. Hannah did most of the sewing on one of the purple ones and I did the other.

The ones in the top row I cut out and made this morning. Nice little Christmas gifts made from scraps of fabric I had floating around the house. Um, what are these??? Reading glasses. Yes, I had to break down yesterday and get a pair with just a wee bit o' magnification. I can read pretty well without them but I find myself squinting to see small print and the computer screen sometimes. I wore them yesterday when I was working and they made a world of difference.


JerseyGirl said...

I love the striped scarves! The tissue holders are really cute, also. That was really nice of you to involve Hannah in a project to try to take her mind off her friends. The life of a 7 year old is a tough one! ;) She's going to be 8 going on 25 before you know it!

And I had to LOL at you having to buy reading glasses only because it reminds me of when my dad had to break down and start wearing reading glasses. To this day he still swears by CVS/drug store brand reading glasses. I'm sure you look very studious in them!

mf said...

neat scarves!

Kitty is so cute!
Kwel new blog look too!