Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scenes from my Office

I work at home so.....my office also has the cats in it from time to time.

I left my big lateral file open today and I heard rustling from inside the cabinet. So, I look over....and can't see anything, can you?

Then I see two little eyes inside the box of file folders.
I am amazed she could get in there but she is still a wiley little kitten.
Not much knitting. I finished the second sock, tried out the elastic stretchy circulars but made the foot too long on some toe ups so I have to rip back. Verdict on the stretchy needles? Not bad and definitely compact for throwing the project in your purse.

I sewed a lot of bags this weekend so there was very little knitting. I LOVE my serger!


Nora said...

Hee, I noticed the little eyes peeking out in the 1st pic... So sweet. x

keri said...

What a cute bag, love the construction and the fabric.

tocspaw said...

Ah, a life with kittens - isn't it fun? They definitely show you all the places you forgot to dust!