Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Thursday

First, I need to thank Keri over at Knitty Gritty Thoughts on Knitting for the stretchy circulars she sent me. I won them on a contest on her blog. She sent me the pocket sized ones since she did not like them. I am going to try them on some socks since I finished up my sock yesterday and have enough Lorna's Laces left for a pair of footies.

Crazy Shoes seen at Sea World & MCRD Graduation

At Sea World: High heeled boots! Ugg Boots with knee high socks & a denim cut off mini skirt.
Marine Corps Graduation: Formal Shorts with high heeled boots. (The is held outside and you sit on football bleachers). I also saw a formal satin prom dress and a lot of stupid 5 inch heels with ultra short mini's.
Back at Sea World. High heeled strappy sandals!

Back at Sea World (family photos)
Watching the whales.
Exploring the polar bear den. The kids would not come with me because there was growling in the dens so I had to do it all myself.

The walrus having lunch. Simon loved this because the walrus kept spitting out his fish and sucking it back in!
The Clydesdales.


The Queen said...

I am morally opposed to high heels in theme parks. I'm willing to wear them the VERY few times I must with formal wear, but think that high heels are mostly evil.

But I have to ask -- what kind of INSANE person, gets up to go to Sea World and says -- tight jeans and high heeled boots look comfy today? Talk about butt sweat/chaffing/blisters.

Some people need a stylist just to be allowed outside of the house!

keri said...

Yea I'm so happy they arrived!

Heels at a amusement park scare me, it's bad enough toughing it out in sneakers.

Miss Amy said...

Crazy people and what they wear. Well at least there was free visual entertainment.

Ashley said...

Well, it is an AMUSEMENT park right? More bang for your buck with idiots dressing like they're Carrie Bradshaw.

I'm dismayed to know that formal shorts have left the realm of the rich & semi-famous, and that 5 inch heels and mini's aren't just a japanese thing. =(

Your pics of the MCRD parade field brought back some memories! No one does ceremony like the USMC. Did you have the marching music stuck in your head all day? Maybe it's just me.

African Kelli said...

I am so snarky that I swear some of your fashion faux pas photos are my favorites!
WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WEARS HEELS TO SEA WORLD? Seriously, strip those ladies of their stilettos and throw them in with the orca bait.