Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yes, there is Knitting!

I finished up this scarf for the Knit Unto Others project. Another one for the Red Scarf Project.
Pattern: One I kinda made up.
Yarn: Karoake by STWC
Needles: US 7 straight needles

Set Up:
Cast on 1 stitch
Row 1: Knit into front & back of the first & last stitch.
Row 2: Knit

Continue with these two rows until desired width.

Row 1: Knit in front & back of first stitch, knit to last 2 stitches and K2tog.
Row 2: Knit

Continue 2 rows until you get desired length.

Row 1: k2tog, knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog
Row 2: knit

Continue until last two stitches and knit 2 together. Weave in ends.

Pam came to the rescue and had another full ball of the Lion Brand Magic Stripes so I am back knitting this scarf again. (Notice, I am still wearing flip flops in November! It is 70+ today in Chandler.)
We decorated the tree yesterday. It is a wee bit bottom heavy which is amazingly proportional to the height of the oldest child.
Only 1 ornament casualty......a hand blown glass ornament from 1984. Somehow, it just hit the tile.....not a good combination with glass. Oh well, it is to be expected with the kids helping decorate!

My parents gave us each an ornament every year so that when we left home to our own home, we would have a tree full of memories. Every Christmas is a trip down memory lane as we trim the tree. I have ornaments from my paternal Grandma, my Godfather and parents.

We are continuing the tradition with our children. We got our family ornaments, everyone picked their own, while we were in San Diego earlier this month.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!


Saun said...

The scarfs are cute. I like the yarn choices.

The ornament idea is so cute and thoughtful. It's a great way to create memories.

Catherine Kerth said...

our family does something similar to that... i love christmas memories ;)

African Kelli said...

Beautiful tree Sarah! And that scarf looks fab.

Nora said...

The scarf is gorgeous - thanks for sharing! x

Theresa said...

Your tree looks lovely! My family did the same thing with ornaments. It is such a fun tradition.